new video

2009-01-27 22:21:53 by MrBigStick

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i didn't even know about that. kinda neat!

Yall better know it, Mrbigstick is back, reppin "704" Charlotte,NC. Right now I`m just chillin. Holla at me anytime, I`m always looking for new friends, and don`t forget to hit the book up aight.

reading the subtitles to an anime and recording it

2008-12-24 18:58:19 by MrBigStick

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got a new computer. vista isn't as simple as xp but i'll get used to it.
the pen part of my stylus doesn't work on my tablet anymore, but the eraser part still does.
the wireless mouse that came with it also works but the mouse that came with the new computer is better quality.

it's my birthday.

2008-06-17 15:32:24 by MrBigStick

it's my birthday and i'm all like, :D.

everything's all fixed now

2008-06-06 15:39:24 by MrBigStick

got a new cable modem
digital cable
paid off the cable bill
bought an xbox 360
none of you except the people who know me on a regular basis will know what else i bought

my modem wire exploded

2008-01-01 21:17:20 by MrBigStick

on the day before new year's eve, the power cable to my cable modem exploded halfway down, and my bro got a burn on his arm but it didn't hurt. unfortunately, we were without internet for a few days.

i went over to visit my nephew to see if he had a compatable wire, i brought the top half for reference, and he said that the wire from a playstation would work fine, so i took the wire off my ps2 and plugged it into the modem, and it works fine. unfortunately, i'll have to unplug the internet whenever i wanna play playstation games.

other than that i've been getting into FF9 lately and my dad's getting me a sword for christmas, or he said he was going to, he's supposed to be dropping it off some time next week.